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An earning opportunity that works around you!!
Build your own team
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Build your own team

Build your own team of Avon representatives as a part time or full time Multi Level Marketing earning opportunity.

Show your new reps how to do what you do so well! - You can recruit in your local area and Nationwide - full training given with local support from your Area Business Development Manager as well as from myself.

Rewards, Recognition and Incentives

Business builder, 1st time promotion and mentoring bonus and now our new Jump start bonus scheme where you can earn an additional £60 per new rep appointed!

Commission from Group Sales as well as from your Personal Sales. Commission increases as your team grows.

Win incentives with free holidays to destinations such as South Africa, New York, Marrakech, Rome, Berlin, Monte Carlo Barcelona and many more.

Win an all expenses trip to Iceland in 2023!

Receive recognition which could be a meal out, a Circle of excellence yearly trip, be part of the car programme, free vouchers, free gifts, invite to Gala dinners, regional and Division recognition or an invite to National Business meeting - all just for achieving and exceeding your targets.

How much does it cost?

It is completely FREE to become an Avon Sales Leader!
Once you are a representative it is free to become a sales leader .

So what have you got to lose?


  • I started Avon with a view to running my own business and as a MLM company Avon interested me the most. I manage the selling and recruiting around my full time job and my plan is to continue building my Avon business so that my earnings are over £2k every 3 weeks which will then enable me to leave my full time job in July 2020 and concentrate on Avon full time. Being my own boss and reaping the rewards of my hard work alongside an unlimited earning potential with a global company - what's not to love?!
    Gary Vent, Leadership
  • I became a sales leader as the opportunity was too good to miss! I get paid commission and bonuses to share with other people what I love to do! I receive free training, and have amazing support from so many people in the business. My goal is to achieve the equivalent of a full time wage from my business, and the best bit is, I know I can and nothing can stop me because the only person I answer to is me! I am so thankful for this opportunity, I know I can support my daughter in her future by building my business and who doesn't love to say ' I love my job!'
    Amy Smith, Leader
  • I became a leader as I felt I had the perfect interpersonal and selling skills needed to support a team and I love the flexible unlimited earning opportunity that Avon leadership gives me - also who doesn’t want to be their own boss?! My goal is to earn £2k plus every 3 weeks by July and i will achieve this by growing my Avon team of representatives and offline and online sales. I receive free training online and on a one to one basis, this keeps me motivated and knowing that i am on the right track to grow my business.
    Sonia Ellis Durham, Leader

Any questions left?

Get in touch if you have any questions, I'd love to help you start your Avon journey.


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